"I've had good physical therapists before, but none of them held a candle to you. I have COPD, scoliosis, and cancer, and you are the first therapist who was actually able to help me deal with my pain and understand it, and I'm taking far less pain pills because of it. You've given me hope again. Thank you.. " -R. Miller

"Just a quick note. Want to thank you for sticking with me as my therapist and not passing me off. It's been a great help knowing what I should and should not do in these past few weeks. Your personal and professional attention along with your bubbly personality has been fantastic."

-G. Mino

"Your yoga class was challenging, peaceful, mindful, and wholistic. I remember feeling rested and having a clear mind afterward. You were very knowledgeable of our bodies and gave clear instruction of proper movement. You paid attention to the class as a whole, but also each person. Your voice was extremely soothing. Very therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul!"- Mattie Fleming

Rumble--Yoga For Health