I'm Dr. Janine Bobby Ellison, a women's health physical therapist and therapeutic yoga teacher. I am passionate about working with women, and letting them know how strong and resilient their truly bodies are.

I was in the Air National Guard for 12 great years, 5 of them working on jets (yes, that's correct), and 7 as a medical technician. I knew it was time to simplify my life, and follow my next passion, serving women as a physical therapist. I graduated with my doctorate in physical therapy from The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, one of the top 5 manual therapy-based PT programs in the nation. Afterward I took advanced coursework in Pelvic Health rehabilitation through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, and also have taken advanced yoga coursework specific to pelvic health. I plan to pursue the Women's Clinical Specialist designation through the American Physical Therapist Association. Whatever your challenges in pelvic health are, I am here for you, to cross that gap between healthcare and self-care.

Personally, I still get nervous for speculum exams. I was once a new wife experiencing awful pelvic pain and SI joint pain (it can feel like buttock and very low back pain). I felt alone and broken, and couldn't understand my body. It was as if the medical community didn't know what to do with me, either. Thankfully, I have since mastered and overcome my pelvic and back pain through yoga and physical therapy.

My story is a huge part of why I want to support women specifically- because I know there are more women out there with similar stories. Because truly, it is so hard to figure things out by yourself. My hope is that you never feel alone, because YOU AREN'T. I hope for you to better understand your body, and get back to living life again confidently, with joy.

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